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Case 1.1a (NMRI)



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Requested computations:

Table/Figure# Items EFD Data Submission Instruction
Data file Image Image files Sample + Tecplot layout file
1.1a-1 V&V of resistances, sinkage, and trim Refer to sample file for detail Filename:
(MS Excell file)
updated on July, 3, 2015

Note: a positive (+) sinkage value is defined upwards and a positive (+) trim value is defined bow up.

Submission Instructions:

All quantities are non-dimensionalized by denstiy of water (\(\rho\)), ship speed (\(U\)), and length between parpendiculars (\(L_{PP}\)): \begin{align*} F_r = \frac{U}{\sqrt{g \cdot L_{PP}}}, \quad R_e = \frac{U \cdot L_{PP}}{\nu} \end{align*} where \(g\) is the gravitational acceleration and \(\nu\) is the kinematic viscosity.

All CFD predicted force coefficients should be reported using the provided wetted surface area at rest (\(S_0\)).

Force coefficients are defined as follows: \begin{align*} C_T = \frac{R_T}{ \frac{1}{2} \rho U^2 S_0 }, \quad C_F = \frac{R_F}{ \frac{1}{2} \rho U^2 S_0 }, \quad C_P = \frac{R_P}{ \frac{1}{2} \rho U^2 S_0 }%, \quad %K_T = \frac{T}{ \rho n^2 {D_P}^4 }, \quad %K_Q = \frac{Q}{ \rho n^2 {D_P}^5 } \end{align*}