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JAPAN Bulk Carrier (JBC)


JBC (Japan Bulk Carrier) is a capesize bulk carrier equipped with a stern duct as an energy saving device. National Maritime Research Institute (NMRI), Yokohama National University and Ship Building Research Centre of Japan (SRC) are jointly involved in the design of a ship hull, a duct and a rudder. Towing tank experiments are planned at NMRI, SRC and Osaka University, which include resistance tests, self-propulsion tests and PIV measurements of stern flow fields.

The hull design and measurements were conducted with the support of ClassNK as part of the ClassNK joint R&D for Industry Program.

Also, LDV measurement data in the wind tunnel are available from Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg.

No full scale ship exists.

The geometry of a hull, a duct, and a propeller, and the flow conditions are described under Geometry and Conditions, from where the geometry data can be downloaded in the form of IGES.

Guidelines for the output from the CFD predictions are given under Instructions to participants. Note that there are specific instructions as well as a questionnaire to be filled out for each method.


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