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ONR Tumblehome Ship (ONRT)


The ONR Tumblehome model 5613 is a preliminary design of a modern surface combatant, which is publically accessible for fundamental research. The 1/49 scaled ship model is appended with skeg and bilge keels. The model has a wave piercing hull design with 10° tumblehome sides and transom stern. The model also has rudders, shafts and propellers with propeller shaft brackets, but the superstructure is not attached.

Free-running tests including course keeping, zig-zag and turning in calm water and in regular waves were performed at IIHR Hydraulics Wave Basin Facility and the results were reported (Sanada et al,2013 and 2014).

No full-scale ship exists.

The hull geometry and relevant loading conditions and speeds are described under Geometry and Conditions, from where the hull, propeller and rudder descriptions can be downloaded.

Guidelines for the output from the CFD predictions are given under Instructions to participants. Note that there are specific instructions as well as a questionnaire to be filled out for each method.


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(3-2) Sanada, Y., Elshiekh, H., Toda, Y., Stern, F.,Effects of waves on course keeping and maneuvering for surface combatant ONR Tumblehome, 30th Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, 2-7 November 2014.